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Housing and construction are at the heart of the most pressing challenges for human societies - repairing the climate breakdown so we can protect our planet and rebalancing our economy so everyone has a chance to live a healthy and happy life.

We believe the housing and construction sector has to step up and do its bit to help out with these challenges.

This means that every single house and building we build has to radically reduce energy consumption, radically improve the environment for human health and be connected to a wider community where we look after each other.

Shelter is a new social enterprise that exists to help achieve these goals. Our mission is to help get people into healthy, low-energy, high performance homes that are connected to the community and equipped for a sustainable future. We want to put the focus back on your home as a shelter, rather than as a commodity.


Why we build

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We build because we want to put shelter back as the primary purpose for building homes. We want to move away from homes being seen as a commodity produced to extract wealth through profit. Shelter is a basic need and housing is a human right. Our aim is to support a return to homes being designed and built with and for people and communities. We take a regenerative view of economics and our homes will radically reduce energy consumption - and power bills.


We are seeking partnerships to pursue new cooperative models of property development. We are interested in collective urban housing approaches such as the Baugruppe model, for example, where home buyers pool their resources to finance a development. We are keen to partner with Iwi Māori on collective housing projects that conceive of land, property and ownership in alternative ways. We want to reduce the price of homes by cutting the property developer profit margin. We want to move away from the commodification of housing that has put it out of reach for many people. And we want to involve people directly in the design and building process of their own neighbourhoods.


What we build

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We design and build quality homes designed to make you feel healthy and happy, rather than low quality homes that meet a minimum standard building code.

Our focus is on high performance, low energy building. We want to set a standard for good, healthy homes that radically reduce energy consumption. Our homes will be strong, draught-free, ventilated and highly-insulated. We will build thoughtfully-designed, comfortable, light and airy spaces. The NZ building code sets a minimum standard and many homes are built to meet this minimum standard. At Shelter we aim for high performance rather than minimum standard.


How we build

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We seek to build with efficient and sustainable construction methods rather than the costly, wasteful methods used in the industry today. Where possible we aim to use natural and renewable materials that reduce the carbon cost of a building.

We take a manufacturing approach to construction so that we can produce predictable, precise and high performance components. We are working with partners to develop an efficient panelised modular construction system, drawing on existing and emerging good practice in NZ and around the world. This includes making the most of panelised components, computer numerical cutting, automation and offsite construction.